he academic proceedings are the collection of academic manuscripts accepted by scientific committee of conference. These novel ideas are presented in relevant scientific session and we then published in the context of that academic conference. Such material is distributed electronically either before the opening conference or after it has been closed. The contents of proceedings are designed by the researchers in conference. They are the written record of the work that is presented to other fellow scientist.‚Äč

The collection of papers is organized by conference organizers and finally reviewed and accepted by editorial team of relevant journal. The quality of the papers is also ensured by having an external review before they are accepted and published in the proceedings. This process is called conference reviewing or editorial peer review. On behalf of the conference or journal the revisions may be taken up to a year. The editors decide about the composition of the proceedings, the order of the papers, and produce the preface and possibly other pieces of text. Although most changes in papers occur on basis of consensus between editors and authors, editors can also single-handedly make changes in papers.